For healthcare institutions & businesses with visitor registration needs

Check-in visitors wirelessly and securely from an iPad. Keep your business or institution safe by recording all visitors electronically.

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With all the features you really need
for your healthcare facility or business

  • Paperless Check-in and Checkout

    Wow your visitors with a beautiful presentation and have access to all visitors electronically.

  • Signed Legal Agreements

    Incorporate any legal document in the check-in workflow.

  • Persona Non Grata watchlist

    Reconcile against any "blacklist" a business or healthcare institution may have.

  • visitor arrival notifications

    When a visitor checks in, the person they are there to see will be notified via SMS and email.

  • web dashboard and reports

    Administration has access to a rich reporting engine. Ad-hoc reporting is accessible by day, week, month, etc.

  • Pre-Registration with company invitation

    Send your visitors a pre-registration email, which includes directions, meeting notes and a QR code for them to check-in swiftly when they arrive.


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Paperless check-in and checkout

Impress your visitors with an innovative check-in process.

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Comprehensive Web Dashboard

All transactions are stored in the cloud. Every transaction recorded on the iPad is available in our comprehensive web appliction.

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Kind words by users

  • "The CONCIERGEpad system is indispensable!"

    Marco Brenes

    Mater Lakes High School

Discover solutions for Educational Institutions

Any educational institution can utilize CONCIERGEpad to improve security and efficiency. For schools, CONCIERGEpad also performs a sex offender check upon visitors checking in.

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