Seamless visitor registration

Check-in visitors wirelessly and securely from your iPad. Eliminate manual processes that require big binders. Key features include:

  • Paperless Check-in and Checkout
  • Background Checks at check-in
  • Behaviour & Tardy monitoring
  • web dashboard and reports
  • volunteer tracking
  • visitor arrival notifications
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Tardy tracking & behavior monitoring

CONCIERGEpad can read school ID's to track student tardies and it can also record negative and positive behavior events like Uniform Violations, Electronic Confiscations and Demonstrating Kindness.

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Comprehensive Web Dashboard

All transactions can be reported on and exported to Excel. All transactions are archived and backed up securely in the Cloud.

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Kind words from our Users

  • "The CONCIERGEpad system is indispensable!"

    Marco Brenes

    Mater Lakes High School

Discover solutions for Business & Healthcare organizations

CONCIERGEpad is used to track visitors checking in to see clients or patients. It can also capture Non-Disclosure Agreements as part of the check-in workflow.

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CONCIERGEpad is a school site management and business registration system that's changing how visitors enter a facility or business. The CONCIERGEpad iPad app not only checks in a visitor but performs a sex offender background and blacklist check and automatically prints a visitor badge. Our system provides schools and businesses with an extra security layer while removing paper processes. CONCIERGEpad provides a modern presentation and seamless visitor sign-in experience.